25 benefits of regular REGIMENTED exercise

Nov 18, 2016

25 benefits of regular REGIMENTED exercise, there are so many more but here are few!!
1. Hormones are heightened and regulated in the body giving you: 
A. Better sleep 
B. More energy through the day
C. Feel better in your heart and your head
D. Weight loss
(among many others)
2. Deal with everyday stress MUCH better
3. Build muscle
4. Lower blood pressure 
5. Build endurance: There are many types of systems and muscles to train in endurance, however I am speaking about playing and having energy for your kids and family type of endurance.
6. Peak Fitness 
7. Athleticism (being able to move most efficiently)
8. To help learn discipline in life
9. Teaches consistency
10. Variety each and every day!  
11. Fewer health problems
12. Less chance of everyday injury
13. Helps to change unwanted lifestyle changes. 
14. Helps Develop a positive self-efficacy
15. Enables community change
16. You look better
17. Get to buy new clothes!
18. Look forward to cheat days
17. Every six weeks there should be a positive change you have not known about you and your body.
18. Lower resting heart rate (sleep deeper)
19. Improved range of motion 
20. More desire to do things 
21. Better blood flow to heart and to your muscles
22. Everyday tasks get easier
23. Do things you never knew you could do.
24. Skin becomes more clear
25. To serve others, not giving people left overs but the very best of you!!!

Once we forget the benefits of exercise we tend to lose traction and eventually swerve off the road. If we keep doing the same things and expecting different results, it becomes fatal!! KNOW THIS!! When our priorities in life change, our plans change. Most of the time it's for the worst, we typically change our priorities based on what's happening in life. Don't ever do that, take some time and write down what is most important to you based on you and your family needs (priorities) this will help you plan more appropriately.... if you would like some help in this area I am your man!!
Let me know how I can assist you in your fitness life!!:)