Jun 8, 2017

Here is your caveat for the week! ENJOY!!!
How to increase muscle and performance most efficiently and yes even lose more weight!!
You have heard that you need protein after a workout and its true however, there is more to it than what may have been explained to us.
Here it is: Your carb to protien ratio should be 3:1 after a workout, race etc... 3 grams of carbs to 1 gram of protein.
Here's why: Carbs increase insulin levels, Insulin is a metabolic hormone that triggers the cell to regenrate new protein. Having the insulin spike is beneficial, we want that. 
You dont need a ton of protein we just need enough to support and supply the amino acids that are needed for making the new protiens within the cell. 
When we do exercise and break down protien and we cause muscle damage those proteins are not lost, they go to the liver and get recycled and the amino acids get re-released into the blood and they become available later on so its not like they get used up. 
However, if I'm exercising without carbohydrates and I carbohydrate deplete myself and I start using protein as fuel for energy, then those protiens are lost forever. That is a different story. 
Thats is why carbohydrate ingestion during exercise is important to, to spare proteins so we don't break down are muscles for fuel when we could be using carbohydrates.
I Hope this meets you at the perfect time in your fitness journey! If this helped you please share and like.