5 Ways To Keep You On Track:

Jun 8, 2017

It's not that people don't desire to be better in and out of the gym, it's just that change is so difficult!! Our natural state is "happy" right where we are. 
If you are one of those who are attracted to true change and just need a little help getting started, here you go!
*Take your time thinking about this...no rush.
* Taking your time can help you see deeper than face value of each choice on your priority lists.
* You may find that you may know the right answer to put on your priorities list, this is just between you and your maker. Be honest....the more honest you are with where you are right now, the better.
1. Make a list of things that matter to you the very most in life. This is called your priority list. 
A. No more than 5 things, 3 to 4 is optimal. We have a tendency to spread ourselves thin and have a hard time getting done what we originally hoped to do... 
2. Take your priority list and order them from most important to least important. It's not that you have do them in that exact order, however, it does help greatly to identify where to best spend more of your time.
3. Now take your priorities and plan your day according to what matters to you most... make it simple. Example: If I say I will honor God in my life well that means I will spend time with Him... If I say my family matters how do I show them that I am there for them? It's much more than just providing for them right?!! If I say that I want to make my body a living and holy sacrifice to the Lord, how do I take care of my body? If I say something matters to me how am I spending my day thinking and making a way for those choices to come alive?
4. Spend your days getting intimate with your choices, it's great to be efficient but more important to be real, honest, pouring your life, heart and everything you have into them!!!
5. For the purposes of fitness alone: If you have found little success with having a healthy body and it's not on your list of priorities take these steps today and let them fuel your NEW FOREVER FITNESS JOURNEY!!!:)