Don't be surrounded by CRABS!!

Jun 8, 2017

The Importance of having the RIGHT people in your corner; NOT CRABS!!
I had a goal a couple years ago to become the very best version of my self inside and out. Not that I never wanted to be, but rather finally making a decision to do the work of that man. Its been a struggle...
I think everyone deep down wants to be more than mediocre, ok, or fine. Life is made for us that we may have joy and peace more of the time. "Fine" just won't cut it.
I heard this true story many years ago from someone I was learning from.
"There was a man standing on the docks of the sea and as he was taking care of his new catch and boat duties, a man passed by, tapped him on the shoulder and said your crab is trying to get away. The man pauses for moment and said, thanks but watch for a moment.
What would happen next is a bit sad but very true to life of those that have been around a while and paying attention. 
The crab gets to the top, opens the unlocked canister that holds the thousands of crabs, the crab makes its final attempt out into the open and into freedom. All the crabs that are around him cling on to his crab legs and pull him down."
ThIs story of the crabs and its analogy of life can be taken a couple ways. Let's take a look at the glass half full and take a view from this perspective: 
We can say that a lot of people in our life have a deep desire for us to change and have the very best life. People will even prove this by acting one way or another, at least for a while. However, as time goes by, animosity, pride, resentments etc... take the place as they see their "friend" succeeding and doing well, not just financially, but perhaps even more by meeting goals, sticking to what they say, staying disciplined to what matters and oh my gosh they walk around with this ridiculous smile on thier face all the time like everything is really that perfect!? Hence the crabs taking their "friend" and companion who has worked their way through all of them to reach the top but to be only overcome by them in the end. 
Though in this picture perhaps we can say those crabs are not intentionally trying to bring them down, they only desire to go with the crab making its escape. All at once they see the crab has made it and they lunge for freedom also, not thinking about what will happen to the ambitious one. 
All the other crabs can think about is what their freedom will feel like, nothing else takes a moment to register only that a life line has been thrown to their sinking ship and they take it. 
The other view would take the same circumstances of this story and say that as the warrior crab is reaching for his final steps out into the light, he is overcome by the other crabs consciously and intentionally bringing the persevering crab back down to where they are. 
It's not fun or even very encouraging to think that the ones that we have called friends ever would feel contempt, jealously or slander your name behind your back. Unfortunately, it happens to all, even more to those who are not careful and particular who you let influence you or your thoughts. 
Those that you trust won't always get it right but rest assure the more intentional you are about the people you hang out with will truly influence or will deterioate your growth as a person more than you may imagine ( that does not mean to not speak or engage others in their life or the struggle they are going through however, you must be careful in the company you keep and choose to live life consistently with)
I'm saying a lot here but an example in my own life, is trying to find answers that I cannot find on my own. Its taken 9 years to find a doctor who cared and went above and beyond any doctor I have ever met. I have known something has been wrong with me for at least 7 of those 9 years. I have grown and seen success in my body even with a huge ailment that has been against me for a very long time. My brain and my passion for my new life in Christ dials me in and drives me like a mad man most times, like I say motivate the mind and the body will follow! 
With objective learning and consideration of many others who have had late starts like my self in the fitness world, I have gleaned and have developed sensitivity to my body, hence finding a doctor to help me find out what is wrong. 
We have made plan of attack this week and now on the road to greater performance and success like never before with his help in taking the time to know me and understand what I need, like no other has!! Thanks to Dr. Arild Lien House of healing!!!
Take the crabs out of your life (the negative naysayers) search for your friends with great care and perseverance, even if that means you have to wait and search a bit longer, the payoff far outweighs the will find your self becoming the best version of your self much quicker while having alot more fun in your journey!!