Jul 2, 2017

"Mediocracy is cunning, it can disguise itself as achievement...the busyness of the go-getter can lead to mediocracy, too. Throw yourself at every opportunity and you’ll end up doing unimportant stuff and badly. You can’t fight this with motivational tricks or cheesy mission statements, these are temporal and not useful for application or implementation in our lives" 
4 Ways To Combat Mediocracy:
The point of this message is not to shame or hurt you in any way, but rather to help you grow, experience life and serve as Christ intended. However, as I have gone through the stages of writing this newsletter, the former was inevitable. Though I am quite aware of the shame and level of contentment in my own life, I have not eagerly pursued change in all areas of my life until recently. With anything that has the potential to set us free from a vice or give us peace, there is always an antagonist, an opposer, the other side of hope. This my friends is the great challenge. Difficulty is assured and moments of impossibility will flutter our minds constantly if we do not learn how to combat them correctly.
Bandaging a problem or issue is not my goal. That goes for fitness and all of life. I must look for real solutions to real problems and make the proper adjustments to dig them out, or at least find the correct place to begin. Working through problem areas in our lives is not easy. Working through mediocracy is much more difficult and a great trial.
Merriam Webster's definition of mediocracy is: “the quality of something that is not very good; the quality or state of being mediocre”. Some synonyms also from Merriam are, “indifferet, unexceptional, unexciting, unremarkable, run-of-the-mill, second rate, forgettable, fine, poor to middling in quality” I don’t know about you but this is not how I want to be remembered, seen or talked about... EVER!
Being second rate is not simply the curse of being an over-promoted underachiever its the default state of our life.
One of the greatest challenges with mediocracy is that most people have no idea they are in this state to begin with. It becomes apparent when we ask ourselves why we lack the desire to set, continue or implement goals for the future. The passion to be a better person evades our conscious state. The joy and peace of life that once may have gripped you greatly has run dry and has been replaced by the state of being fine or ok.
According to Fortune 500, the Church, and my new friend Olive Burkeman (who wrote Beware The Gravitational Pull of Mediocracy), the statistics are staggering for how many people live in this state of mediocracy.
Mediocracy is cunning, it can disguise itself as achievement...the busyness of the go-getter can lead to mediocracy, too. Throw yourself at every opportunity and you’ll end up doing unimportant stuff and badly. You can’t fight this with motivational tricks or cheesy mission statements, these are temporal and not useful for application or implementation in our lives. 
We need a discipline, a rule you apply daily, to counter the pull of the sub-par. Here are some ways to combat the pit of mediocracy:
1) REMEMBER: what Jesus has done, doing and going to do for you, always! Philippians 4:8-9 “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, PRACTICE these things, and the God of peace will be with you.” Keeping your mind opened and focused to the life giver will give Him room to work in us. That means your life will have His power in it, not ours, HIS. My friends, that is the antonym for mediocracy. Superior, higher up, extraordinary, one of greater rank or station or quality. Your light will shine bright in all areas of your life more than it wouldn't.
2) SLOW DOWN; FINISH WHAT YOU START and learn to say NO!: That means we have to be very careful in how much we stack on our plate. It's easy to be consumed by the world's pace, it's fast, smooth talking, attractive to most and almost everyone's doing it. However, though it may look good from the outside, I can guarantee you, eventually it's a recipe for disaster. People's lives don't just deteriorate. They are destroyed by stress and money (job) etc... Generally money is the motivator and stress is the vehicle by which we suffer (when done perhaps with good intentions, but without wisdom. That's another message). Peace is eventually drained when we let to much build up on our shoulders and it keeps us from finishing what we start. This will become an anchor and a motivator for your success as we rememberer to slow down, finish what you start and learn to say no. Fix your eyes on your needs and your wants will come in time as you become realistic in goals setting.
3) BE REALISTIC: Pick a couple of things you want to work on and excel! Set small goals, have a big hope for the future year (this should take some time, see me for more on this info), set a plan that will help you grow. As you look back you will be motivated as you remember what you have been through and have accomplished; this will help you stay moving forward. The tool of being realistic is simple, but truly powerful!! When we give ourselves the opportunity to see ourselves closer than ever before to something we have been working so diligently towards, it motivates and helps anchor us constantly because of the plan set out (plans can change major priorities don't...see my blog on 5 ways to keep you on track.) but it's always better to have an idea of where you desire to go then not having one at all). Do your research (find someone who knows more about the goal you have set sail after) and seek after your hopes and dreams realistically.
The real reason people fail and end up in the pit of mediocracy is that we forget to remember our creator more and more, things take precedence over our Father... we don't finish what we start, we are not truly realistic in goal setting, and finally, their is great misconception in planning for the future.
4) MISCONCEPTION: Knowing how long something will actually take is another gigantic tool that can provide us psychological advantages. I have had clients think that after many years of beating their body up that they can lose all their extra weight and ready to fit into their skinny jeans in just 1-2 months. Well, no worries I used to think that way too. Same goes for New Year's resolution-ers. The reason the number of people leaving the gym so quickly in such a big number year after year is misconception.
People have hopes that if they work really hard, they will lose the weight as quickly as they gained it. Nothing can be further from the truth. Unfortunately, it's not that easy, right!? If it was that easy more people would be fit, worry and stress would be less, people would take much less medications and we would not have 68% obesity rate in America etc...
The danger with misconception is that when we set goals with our own subjective planing on how long we think change should take place, we think we will achieve this great and wonderful goal in the very near future. However when the time comes and we're not where we had hoped, we have a tendency to let go of all hope and revert back to what we know best. It may not be best for us but we know it well and its comfortable; change is not comfortable nor easy but the reward of endurance far out weight the temporary pains!
Remember your creator let your praises be many, finish what you start,slow down and learn to say NO, be realistic in all your goals and be mindful of misconception as it will try to lead you astray. With these tools you will have much less anxiety and stress with more time and energy to be the best version of yourself you can be!!!
Treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)