Power in Group Exercise

Jul 20, 2017

The power that lies within group exercise is absolutely necessary to achieve greater levels of fitness, however without the most important muscle, the brain, greater levels of fitness is unattainable for the long hall. Sleep, nutritional timing, recovery and diligent-programmed exercise play huge roles in the growth and success of all people interested in bettering many areas of their life in and out of the gym. But, in groups, the comradery and accountability anchors and empowers people to shine, push and grow beyond what they thought possible.
If you're reading this, you have the access to greater change and even more than that, an enjoyable time experiencing that change! Let me explain just how we will do this by using the terms extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.
Why do we do the things we do? What is it that drives our behaviors in and out of the gym? Psychologists have proposed some different ways of thinking about motivation, including one method that involves looking at whether motivation arises from the outside (extrinsic) or the inside (intrinsic) of a person. In my classes I am an extrinsic motivator. I help to encourage as do others in the class, we pull your emotional heart strings to motivate your mind to get your body moving. Yes, even if you're a man you have emotional heart strings. You may not use them as much as the ladies but nevertheless, they are there for your greater benefit. Nothing gets you moving like when your hearts are fully encouraged and engaged. I also have a great deal of clients with intrinsic motivation. These are the people who can conquer just about anything without any outside motivators. However, with both extrinsic and intrinsic elements working for you, higher levels of performance become much more manageable and enjoyable even for the all conquering.
Most of us need to be motivated by extrinsic words of affirmation. We need our brains to be engaged and stimulated so that the rest of our body will perform at higher levels (motivate the mind and the body will follow). Example: Over 90% of people feel that music helps them get through workouts and now they even have programs deliver music according to how fast you are running. There are a lot of statistics that tap into motivating and encouraging people to enjoy their journey and that is one of my niches in fitness.
I will help you tap into ways that will engage and motivate your mind. In turn this will enable your body to work efficiently and confidently. You will run faster, maneuver better, and learn to develop true endurance without getting hurt.
Psychology's original use of the concept “groupthink” is modified here in exercise-enhancing performance. In layman's terms, it means people will work harder and think less about their current situation while subconsciously comparing themselves to each other. Comparing yourself to one another is also conscious, however, a great portion of it is done while not thinking at all. When people compare themselves subconsciously, the reaction is to keep up with the other person without actually FEELING that you're working as hard as you are.
Though this may sound a bit simplistic, it is of grave importance in order to reach greater levels of success.
I enjoy the fruit of my labor and knowing the work that I put in will reap reward. This is a tremendous motivator for me and a lot of us who have trained long and hard for many years, look for that payout for all the time and effort put in.
Pushing oneself to greater peaks comes with great difficulty and strife at times, whether your brand new and working on the basic fundamentals of exercise or you are the fine tuned athlete. Like anything that is tough, there is always something to learn and grow from. I will be honest with you, most people fail and never reach their full potential. This is not just in fitness, but even more importantly, life. Unfortunately, mediocracy is a very familiar place for most and they are OK with that. I'M NOT!!!
Accountability is hard, but not impossible. It's truly more fun enjoying your journey with others with the same like-minded goals. Groups are important for ALL (racers, beginners and everyone in between) so you may reach higher peaks not just in your regimens but in your life. Some of my Ironmen and women, Spartans and other type racers understand that though you may have to race alone, you do not have to train alone.
What you can expect in class settings:
* I will teach you how to place higher in your age range and to perform at the peak of your fitness
* You will engage in correct regimented workouts that work well for you and you goals!
* You will meet like-minded people and athletes who will help take your success further in and out of the gym.
* You will be encouraged and NOT drug down.
* You will learn stability of your body through a strong transverse abdominis [core].
* You will learn how to be sensitive to your body and keep injury at bay.
* You will learn how to foam roll, stretch and recover correctly.
* Every 6 weeks your body composition (body fat%) and weight (lean mass & fat mass) will be measured and you will have a great chance at winning great gifts and prizes.
* You will learn nutrition as whole and will receive a food plan per your goals.
* We will go over goal setting, past experiences and hopes for the future.
* We will meet for 1 hour once a month one on one to discuss progress.
* You will learn how to have a strong healthy body for life for the rest of your life!