Spartan Training At SCE Fitness

Jun 14, 2017

*Monday is considered mellow Monday ( not always mellow) light anaerobic obstacles training we are just getting the body ready for the rest of the week. 
*Wicked Wednesday is hill work/anaerobic obstacles & metabolic conditioning / isolated long head chin ups and grip strength.
*Friday is called freaky Friday you never know what will happen on this day, this helps build mental tenacity. It's what is needed to do we'll in races, and able to overcome anything set in front of you. In our Spartan races it was developed from a navy seals mind set. They never give us everything about the race until your in the pen ready to race, still then they only give you the distance.... 
most weeks we will have a day where we focus on strength and endurance of the muscles always mixed with some kind of cardio... could be Friday, perhaps