Taper week

Jun 8, 2017

3 Simple Ways To Properly Taper:
Making the decision to back off on workouts this week, and instead focusing on hydrating, steadily increasing muscle glycogen stores will blow your mind out there in your race next week! There is countless research showing the proper way to carbohydrate load, but instead of sharing more peer reviewed research, SGX experts or Ironman coaching plans, I’ll just tell you from personal experience that gorging yourself on pasta doused in alfredo at the Olive Garden the night before a Spartan race is NOT the way to go.
Take it easy this week and focus on your nutrition, hydration and allow your muscles to reward you for all your hard work up to this point!!
1. You need to relax the muscles, however they still need to be stimulated properly...how do you do that? EASY does it.. Inversion Yoga, Yoga & foam rolling, light pilates... keep your running milage to a minimum or not at all.
2. Hydrate the body by sipping water not gulping. Take Perpetual Hammer, Fizz or Heed... there are others just make sure they are free from chemicals. This will dramatically take away your chances of cramps, dehydration, and fatigue brought on by dehydration.
3. Carb load properly! There are a few views that make sense, however, across the board they are similar in the long term affect. I won't get into all that here today... Take the last three days prior to your race and eat 70% of your food as complex carbs. Remember protein and fats slow digestion; on race day eat less protein and fats and eat more easily digestible carbs or you might find yourself in the port-a potty instead of the race.
For greater detail email me at Change4lifesce@gmail.com
Have a great race!!!