K.Jay Davis

K.Jay is the proud owner and founder of SCE Fitness. He is a NESTA, ITCA Triathlon & Endurance Sports Nutrition and BioMechanics certified personal trainer and Certified Spartan SGX Coach. He has been implementing physical fitness in his life and the lives of others for over 11 years. Before he was a trainer, he spent most of his life unhappy in the decisions he made. He was overweight, tired and looking for solutions to change. 

Spending time learning from failed past experiences, his academia, and personal trainers like his sister, he began to see the empirical evidence of implementing solutions with hard work pay off. His desire is to help people realize their full potential in life. 

In 2015 he become an IRONMAN triathlon 140.6 2015 finisher, and is a top 10 Spartan finisher every year, and has placed second in his age group. These  personal achievements, along with other races have provided him hands-on experience in training, innovative and effective nutrition, and developing the mental capacity it takes to accomplish difficult and physically demanding races. His aspiration for you is to experience and learn how to grow in ways you never knew possible. Through his journey and your perseverance and consistency, you will break through barriers to attain more personal growth than you ever hoped for.

He loves the saying, "Motivate the Mind and the Body Will Follow." This is his favorite axiom because it is the basis of what he does. With accountability, expertise and application, he motivate his clients to mentally push themselves farther then they have ever pushed before to achieve goals they thought impossible. Physical fitness is more psychological than anything else. His whole objective for you is "change for life for the rest of your life." If the mind is not involved or motivated, the results will be temporary at best.  "Motivate the Mind and the Body Will Follow."

His clients consider him to be fun, high energy, and always wearing a smile. His great passion is to watch his client's achieve their goals. 


Jim Peterson

Jim is a NESTA certified personal trainer. He's been instructing people how to exercise and improve physical performance for over 30 years. While managing an exercise equipment store, he worked to educate novice exercisers to pro bodybuilders about exercise science, biomechanics, and nutrition. While working for the Spokane Chiefs Hockey Club, he regularly helped work with the athletes during training camps and skill based stress testing. He now stays in shape by training for and competing in obstacle course races. He has run over a dozen competitive Spartan Races and helped coach "Spartans" of all abilities at SCE Fitness to run OCR events.
Jim is one of those guys who is always learning something new. He personally has psoriatic arthritis and has virtually eliminated his arthritis with a strict diet and exercise program without the need for medications. In his research, he has learned a great deal about nutrition, diet, and natural remedies and their effects on the human body. He is also currently studying to be a master personal trainer.
Jim tries to improve himself in some way every day to be the best version of himself. That is why he gets so much satisfaction out of being a personal fitness trainer. He loves to help others see the potential they have in themselves as they reach their goals.


Mike Lomax

Mike is a NESTA certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and has experience in training physical fitness to soldiers for over 15 years. Mike is currently a student at Eastern Washington University where he is following his passion in Kinesiology. Upon Graduation he will have a B.S. in Exercise Science. Mike is currently working toward being able to implement athletic maximal and submaximal testing for performance minded athletes and to conduct research on enhancing athletic performance testing protocols.

Currently, Mike has competed in several Spartan races from the initial Spartan Sprint all the way to the Spartan Ultra. His goals are to run in multiple 100 mile endurance races in the next few years. Mike believes that when it comes to physical fitness and health that we should strive to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. He loves to be a part of each person’s journey as they become better and healthier versions of their past self.


Rachel Bokma

The Pacific Northwest has created a wonderful opportunity for Rachel to fuse her passion for a healthy lifestyle while immersing herself in the beautiful and often times majestic terrain. As she has been drawn to enjoy her surroundings she successfully engages in a variety of ways; hiking, swimming, biking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, and competitive obstacle racing.

While we can’t always be out and about, as a NESTA certified personal trainer, Rachel enjoys sharing a variety of safe and effective methods to achieve flexibility, core strength, balance, coordination and overall cardiovascular health. This training prepares us to better enjoy our daily activities and the outdoors when those opportunities present themselves.

Rachel is working on a heart rate performance specialist certification to help her clients get the most productive workout for their specific goals.