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I've been working with K Jay since 1-7-14, shortly after he started coming to my church. I have to admit that I tried his patience at first. I complained that our sessions were too early in the morning, I made faces at some of the things he asked me to do in the gym, and I wasn’t excited about making some of the changes K Jay wanted me to make in my eating. K Jay never let me get discouraged and helped me to figure out a food plan that would work for me. I started to make gradual changes, and since then, I have lost 38 lbs. and 18 inches. I’m wearing smaller sizes and I’ve given up an anti-depressant that I was on for a long time! I enjoy coming to the gym now, and I get along a lot better with K Jay now that we can both get excited about my progress.


KJay, a personal trainer, respectfully approached me downtown, and asked if I would like to have a free training session with him. What he didn’t know was that I had hardly ever been in a gym in my life and would have never walked into one to inquire about it. That was in August and now it’s December. KJay has assisted me as a personal trainer, helping me get to achieve my goals. He is teaching me how to use the machines independently, how to exercise to strengthen my core and cardiovascular system, and how to eat well. My goals are my own but I have experienced encouragement, hints along the way, friendly and genuine interest from Kjay. Most of all I have seen results. I have lost 24 inches and 7 pounds of fat on my body and I am feeling good with more energy than I have ever had. I look forward to continued results and I am most appreciative that KJay stopped me along the way.


When I first met Kjay I was blown away on how down to earth he was. He is not your typical personal trainer. He cares, he listens and if you are committed he will be committed to you. I came to Kjay to get my body fat tested. I was hoping to be below 20% but no luck I found out I was at 26% this was disappointing. I was getting ready to test for the Washington State Patrol. They only problem was I couldn’t pass the PT testing and I was 10lbs over weight, and 6% body fat over the weight wavier. After talking with Kjay I decided to do some one on one training, from June to the end of July we worked together and I went from no way I could pass the PT test to crushing it, I also lost the ten pounds needed to get under my weight limit!! Kjay asked me if I wanted to check out his PAS60 class. This is a group class he teaches. I came out to class and loved it! With his help and the grace of God we have accomplished a ton together. By mid November my body fat% is now at 19% I am stronger than ever and well on my way to becoming a WSP Trooper. I highly recommend Kjay, he is an amazing person and great motivator and best of all a fantastic trainer who really cares.


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